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EnAIP FVG - Ente ACLI Istruzione Formazione Professionale Friuli Venezia Giulia

Reference person:

Gilberto Collinassi

email: g.collinassi@enaip.fvg.it

phone: +39 0432 693611


Established in 1979, EnAIP FVG is a private non-profit organization, part of the National EnAIP federation founded by ACLI in 1951. EnAIP FVG mission is to make the most of human resources through education and training to increase knowledge and skills, guidance and counselling, job placement and business start-up, and promote social inclusion of people with special needs.

With more than 110 employees, 7 training centers, an average turnover of 14MEuro per year, EnAIP FVG is one of the leading organizations in the regional VET field.

EnAIP is one of the six founders of EVTA (European Vocational Training Association, www.evta.net), a vocational training network which includes 18 members from 14 European countries, representing national training and, in some cases, national employment services. 

EnAIP is the lead partner and legal reprentative of Effe.Pi, the consortium in charge of all the youth VET activities financed by the Regional Governement of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region: the 12 members are all accreditated VET institutions and they cover the whole territory and all the training sectors. The partners of Effe.Pi sum up more than 750 employees, 5.000 consultants and have an overall turnover of more than 65 MEuro.


The Effe.Pi (www.effepi.fvg.it) partners are:

  • EnAIP FVG (www.enaip.fvg.it)
  • IAL FVG (www.ialweb.it)
  • CNOS FAP “Bearzi" (www.bearzi.it)
  • CIVIFORM (www.civiform.it)
  • Centro Formazione Pordenone (www.fondazioneosf.it)
  • Opera Villaggio del Fanciullo (www.villaggioformazione.org)
  • ENFAP (www.enfap.fvg.it)
  • AdFormandum (www.adformandum.eu)
  • CIOFS (www.ciofs.it)
  • CEFAP (www.cefap.fvg.it)
  • CEFS (www.cefs.it)
  • EdilMaster (www.ediliziaentionline.it)



EnAIP FVG, in cooperation with the partners of Effe.Pi, will:

  • coordinate the WP2 workgroups
  • coordinate the WP3 workgroups
  • be a member of the WDG, carry out workgroup’s tasks assigned
  • be a member of the CDG, carry out workgroup’s tasks assigned
  • be a member of the ENMG implementation subgroup, carry out workgroup’s tasks assigned
  • set-up LNMB and guarantees catalog implementations and pilot testing
  • carryes out dissemination and promotional activities
  • applyes rules defined by the project leader in terms of project and administrative management
  • contributes to the monitoring and evaluation data collection




EnAIP FVG has been given the task by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region Administration of coordinating the project on the basis of its long experience acquired in managing European projects; furthermore EnAIP FVG is partner of the Go&Learn Network and represents within this network Effe.Pi, the consortium in charge of VET activities in Friuli Venezia Giulia.


  • coordinates project’s operational management
  • prepares the Compendium of WP2
  • develops and updates on-line Catalogues edited on Go&Learn website
  • organizes planned piloting activities
  • contributes to implement dissemination activities in accordance with those planned by Local Go&Learn Network Bodies
  • collects and provides data and information for the monitoring and evaluation of the project