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Reference person:

Lucia Pilutti

email: lucia.pilutti@ud.camcom.it

phone: +39 0432 273270


The Udine Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1806. Through a constant process of evolution, it provides a steady assistance to the development of local enterprises, offering them support for their general functionality and innovation in Italy and abroad. The combination between institutional and real services creates a package of offers which can be used by both businesses and private citizens.

Fast procedures, direct contact with enterprises, professionals and trade associations, the use of innovative IT instruments, business start-ups in just one day, commercial promotions in Italy and abroad, guidance and training are just few of the factors making the Udine Chamber of Commerce stand out in the Public Administration panorama.


The Chamber of Commerce Chairman and Executive Board are directly representative of various economic sectors within the province and its Trade Associations.  They have the task of interpreting the necessities of the local business system and to launch, on their own or through special and controlled companies, service, representation and integration activities serving the interests of the companies in the territory.

The Chamber of Commerce is like a small holding, made up of special agencies that guarantee maximum efficiency and quality in the services supplied.

> Special Agency for Enterprises and Territory

Through highly qualified and competent personnel, the company aims particularly at promoting the knowledge and diffusion of “Made in Friuli” products and services, as well as identifying new formulas and markets, in Italy and abroad in order to increase the commercial activity.

The activities of the Special Agency are carried out in close collaboration and in agreement with the general economic strategies of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Council. The Promosedia Committee operates within the Special Agency as expression of the various subjects engaged in the promotion and internationalization of the Chair Cluster and of the enterprises in this sector.

> Delegated Functions Special Agency
The Agency performs activities delegated to the Chamber of Commerce by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. The activities assigned to the Agency are the operation and management of the following regional financial tools: regional provisions for the distribution of reduced price fuel, regional provisions for farming machines owners (UMA), a broad and articulated set of contributions for the support, promotion and development of competitive regional companies.

> Special Research and Training Agency
The economic system is constantly evolving. Therefore the Agency organises professional training and updating courses requested by various Trade Associations. The courses are meant to update to the workforce on different issues and train both entrepreneurs and those who want to start their own business.


Main services

Economic Promotional and Internationalisation Activities

  • Internationalisation counter
  • Assistance for economic operators

Market regulation activities

  • Patents
  • Protests
  • Metric service
  • Agriculture

Services for enterprises

  • Keeping of Company Register
  • Management of registers, rolls and lists
  • Issue of certificates, licenses and authorizations
  • New Business service
  • Overseas trade
  • Arbitration and mediation

Research e communication services

  • University, economic information services, trade sector studies and research
  • Figures and prices



  • member of the CDG, fulfils workgroup’s tasks assigned
  • member of the ENMG dissemination/exploitaiton subgroup, fulfils workgroup’s tasks assigned
  • carries out dissemination and promotional activities
  • applies rules and constrains defined by the project leader in terms of project and administrative management
  • concurs to the monitoring and evaluation data collection