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BSM - Bodensee Standortmarketing GmbH

The Bodensee Standort Marketing GmbH (BSM) is a business development agency for the international economic region of Lake Constance. BSM`s goal is to promote the economic region of Lake Constance internationally and define it more clearly in the global competition between regions. The region of Lake Constance comprises of the five German administrative districts of Constance, Sigmaringen, Lindau, the district of Lake Constance and Ravensburg, the five Swiss cantons Schaffhausen, Thurgau, St. Gallen, Appenzell Außerrhoden and Appenzell Innerrhoden, the Austrian state of Vorarlberg as well as the Principality of Liechtenstein. BSM is in close contact with local institutions and organizations and arranges contacts in the different locations on request.

As a one-stop agency, BSM is the first point of contact for companies and investors in the region of Lake Constance. It advises them on the international business location of Lake Constance and provides information on the infrastructure, helps them choose a suitable industrial estate or premises and assists companies looking to set up business in the region or expand their existing business.


  • Member of the Concept development group (CDG), carry out workgroup’s tasks assigned
  • Member of the European Network Maintenance Group (ENMG) dissemination/exploitation subgroup, carry out workgroup’s tasks assigned
  • Carries out dissemination and promotional activities
  • Applies rules and constraints defined by the project leader in terms of project and administrative management
  • Contributes to the monitoring and evaluation data collection