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CCISSB - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County

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email: varga.katalin@szabkam.hu

phone: 00-36-30-9655-580

The Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 1994 as the economic self-government of the county’s sphere of enterprises. During its operation the chamber lays special emphasis on the fact that it would perform the duties stipulated in the Act CXXI of 1999 on economic chambers at high professional level, thus contributing to the economic development, organization, to maintain the honesty of the market attitude and to represent the common, joint interests of those pursuing business activities. The chamber provides the economic players with high level, complex and easily available services as far as possible specialized on various trades.

The Chamber aims to establish partner relations with all domestic and international organisations that can be related to the daily operation of economic organisations such as the Hungarian Tax Authority, the County Labour Centre, the County Local Government, the local governments of the settlements and the foreign representations of ITDH. Thanks to this endeavour, the Chamber was awarded the chance to implement the pilot project called Plato Hungary as the Main Coordinator. The Chamber is a partner in the Leonardo Mobility project, EBCIL-programme 2009-2011, and has got supported project Hungary-Romania Cross Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013.

Main fields of activities of the chamber:

Right of consultation regarding Legislation, which covers both national and local legal codification.
Regarding the economy and region development, the chamber provides information on the application opportunities, beneficial loan construction, European Union applications sources. The loan administration of the Széchenyi Card Program credit construction takes place at the chamber, under which many businesses can obtain preferential credit limit based on their economic performance, and as of September 2011 also the Agrarian Széchenyi Card can be claimed.
The chamber participates in the prosperity-survey taken twice a year nationally; whose data constitute the base for the economic analysis of the Eurochambers.
The businessmen-programs both at home and abroad, as well as participation and company representation at county, town exhibitions, and fairs belong to the field of trade development. Also the relation introductions with the aim of present countries, diplomatic relations and other events in connection with the trade development of businesses, as well as mediation and publishing domestic and foreign business offers. Through the businessmen-meetings, forums and foreign professional trips the chamber facilitates its members entering foreign markets. By utilizing its international relations the chamber implements many projects regarding Hungarian-Romania, Hungarian-Ukrainian and Hungarian-Slovakian collaboration in the form of joint applications as a result thereof the enterprises’ foreign market opportunities improve significantly and their relations expand.
Among the activities stipulated by law and binding to be performed in the field of vocational training and master training are supervising practical training sites, executing apprenticeship contracts, fulfilling examination delegation tasks, organizing level examinations, organizing Excellent Student of the Trade Contest as well as organizing master examinations. Special emphasis is placed on constantly ensuring services of high standard whose content in fact meet the requirements so that the members of the chamber could receive the most comprehensive information. For the members certain services are covered financially by the membership fees, a part of them are available against the payment of a beneficial fee.


The chamber endeavours to establish partnerships with all domestic and international organization which may affect the regular business of economic organizations, such as the National Bureau of Tax and Customs, the organizations of the local labour centre, the county self-government, settlement self-governments and the Hungarian representations all around the world. Thanks to this ambition the chamber was granted the opportunity to implement the Plato Hungary Pilot Project as the main coordinator, which was executed with such a success that it can be a prominent partner of the East-Flanders Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The chambers of commerce and industry keep record of companies dealing with building industrial activity, registration is obligatory for the active enterprises and its content is public. In accordance with the adopted modifications of legislature, as of January 2012 all companies are bound to register at the chamber, which does not automatically imply chamber membership and is not identical to the compulsory registration for building industrial enterprises. The aim of this measure is to establish and maintain a national uniform registration system. The overall objective of the chamber’s strategy is to strengthen the competitiveness of the enterprises in the county as it accompanies the increase in the economic output of the county, the rise in trade turnover, the improving trade balance, the rise of the quality of the products, thus, as a final result, with the improvement of the status of the whole economy.



  • member of the CDG, carry out workgroup’s tasks assigned
  • member of the ENMG dissemination/exploitaiton subgroup, carry out workgroup’s tasks assigned
  • carries out dissemination and promotional activities
  • applies rules and constraints defined by the project leader in terms of project and administrative management
  • contributes to the monitoring and evaluation data collection



  • subcontractor to carry out the piloting initiatives in Hungary