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Confindustria Veneto SIAV Ltd.


Address: Via Torino 151/c
Zip: 30172
City: Mestre
Province: Venezia

Country: Italy
Phone: +39 041 2517511
Fax: +39 041 2517572
E-mail: area.progetti@siav.net
Url: www.factoryofknowledge.net



Confindustria Veneto SIAV Ltd. is a service company established in 1982 by provincial associations/unions and the Confindustria Veneto Regional Federation. It represents approximately 12,000 companies and 360,000 workers, and it promotes the technical and organizational development of - mostly small and medium-size - businesses in Veneto.

SIAV is UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified and is a lifelong training institution recognized by the Veneto region. It offers services and consulting in the following fields: training, quality, environmental safety and innovation. Besides the Event and Administration Areas, it is organised in:
Associative structures area. It offers consulting services and technical assistance to training institutions and companies with the planning, creation and accounting of training projects. These are carried out in Veneto and are supported by regional funds, FSE, apprenticeships, “cassa integrati”, as well as district, RIR, national and community projects.
Companies area. It provides technical assistance to the Veneto region, not only in the distribution of funds for companies and consulting, research and innovation projects, but also in the overall management of training projects with the support of “interprofessional” funds for businesses and managers.
Knowledge&Innovation Unit. In the role of a genuine R&S division and ideas and experimentation laboratory, SIAV carries out test activities for innovative methodologies and processes in the field of business training and consulting. These experiences are then shared in the territory with the support of provincial associations. In the context of methodological studies, SIAV develops exchanges and collaborations, often in partnership with institutions, enterprises and universities at a regional, national and international level.

SIAV is the leader of a wide regional network for service and training-for-companies centres. It also leads some networks formed by employer’s organisations, social parties and research centres. By offering support, consulting and training to the regional industrial framework and as a member of the University-Industry Innovation Network, SIA has presented the initiative “Factory of Knowledge” to the 2015 UIIN Conference in Berlin. This Community for the actors and stakeholders of innovation includes three variables:
Direct observation and monitoring of industrial transformation happening in the regional industrial framework.
Identification and analysis of the drivers of change and innovation.
Actions of Technological Transfer and dissemination of the analysis content for – mainly organisational – innovation, skills and processes.

SIAV has taken part in the 2016 UIIN International Conference in Amsterdam as Practitioners Track with its intervention "In search of knowledge for innovation: a study of Italian SMEs". SIAV is also Ordinary Member of the Smart Factory National Technological Cluster, promoted by MIUR and MISE, and it operates within the Technical-Scientific Thematic Group GTTS3: Systems for individual valorisation in factories.


Partner role in the project:


  • sets-up LNMB and guarantees catalog implementations and pilot testing
  • carries out disseminatin and promotional activities
  • applies rules and constraints defined by the project leader in terms of project and administrative management
  • contributes to the monitoring and evaluation data collection