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[Go&Learn+] Network expansion  (Ongoing)


The G&L initiative (www.goandlearn.eu) proved to be of great interest for participants as well as hosting companies and public bodies sponsoring them. In Italy G&L agencies and workgroups have been set up in Friuli VG, Metropolitan area of Bologna, Umbria, Marche; in the EU, agencies have been set up in Belgium (East Flanders), Germany (Constance Lake), Poland (Pomerania), Hungary (Nyiregyhaza), Slovakia (Presov), Slovenia, Turkey (Konia). The Agencies/Workgroups organize G&L study visits for both local customers (local catalogue) and foreign groups (international catalogue). It is now very important to expand the G&L network to new european countries as well as new italian regions/provinces, to enhance the attractiveness of the offered training visits and increasing the number of potential users of this innovative learning and guidance tool.

The highest the number of companies involved, the highest will be the possibility to effectively use this training units inside the existing training paths of VET, schools, universities, companies or any interested training provider.
The network expansion requires a capillary work of creation of new G&L agencies/workgroups able to create the new G&L catalogues of local seminars in the first place and, as a second step, will generate a proposal of  international "circuits".


The project fully targets different EU priorities:


  • enhance training role of companies, foster local and
  • international mobility of students and workers, innovation of
  • guidance and teaching methodes, linking schools systems with the labour market.


The project can be considered a transfer of innovative training and guidance practices aimed to:


  • expand the existing G&L offer of local seminars and international circuits and promote the use of this training units to foster local and international mobility
  • to promote the use of the G&L training units as innovative ways of doing guidance and professional adjournment
  • integrate the existing website pages (companies, seminars) with short promo clips



The project length is of 24 months, with the following action plan:

  • Set up of the local network (of stakeholders, training providers and potential users)
  • Choice of the training companies and setup of the local catalogue of study visits and their piloting
  • Setup of the international circuits proposal and piloting of one of them for each country
  • Development of video specifications and of the piloting trailers
  • Catalogues promotion, information and dissemination


Expected outcomes

  • set up of new (LNMB) G&L agencies/workgroups in
    • region Lombadria (IT)
    • region Piemonte (IT)
    • region Veneto (IT)
    • MALTA (MT)
    • MADRID area (ES)
    • region Rhone Alp (FR)
    • region PACA (FR)
  • built in every new agency a local catalogue of training seminars and economic discovery visits in company,dedicated to local customers (will be integrated in the G&L website www.goandlearn.eu "local catalogue" section)
  • set up at least two new international circuits for each territory, to be integrated in the G&L international catalogue part of the www.goandlearn.eu website
  • development of technical specification and structure of promo videos and development of trailers to be associated to circuits/semianrs/companies (depending on the catalogue) to integrate the exisrting www.goandlearn.eu descriptors' sheets


Erasmus+ 2015 - KA2 Strategic partnerships
VET 2015-1-IT01-KA202-004789

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.