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Celjski mladinski center, javni zavod za mladinsko kulturo, izobra×evanje, informiranje in šport MCC  

Address: Mariborska cesta 2,

3000 Celje - SLOVENIA


Contact person: Sonja Majcen

Telephone: +386 34908740

Email: info.pentlja@mc-celje.si

Website: http://www.mc-celje.si





Celjski mladinski Center - Celje Youth Center is a non-profit organization. We enable young people to spend their free time actively and usefully. We offer a variety of interesting events and a broad spectre of activities: different workshops (photo, film, journalism, language, entrepreneurship...), cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, theatre plays, creative workshops, film workshops, dance, youth initiatives and other. We also work in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools as volunteers – doing youth workshops on different subjects with pupils. We cover international relations as exchanges, EVS, trainings and development projects. Regional we cover information processes as Europe Direct point of European Commission and Eurodesk Slovenia regional partner. We are involved in Youth in action program and also have experience with ESF and ERDF upon which we build new Youth hostel Celje. We are part of national network of youth Center and organizations MAMA.




Celjski mladinski Center:

  • coordinates project management in Slovenia
  • participates in the steering committee and in the partner meetings planned in Italy, contributing to the validation of the outputs of each project phase
  • prepares country profile for the Compendium of WP2
  • implements relationships with schools, training centres and enterprises to build a Local Catalogue of in-company seminars for teachers and trainers
  • organizes planned piloting activities
  • contributes to implement dissemination activities as envisaged in the project (Dissemination Plan)
  • promotes local workshops
  • collects and provides data and information for the monitoring and evaluation of the project
  • participates in the Bologna Final Conference of the project.