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E.N.F.A.P. Marche  

Address: Via XXV Aprile 37/A,

60125 Ancona - ITALY


Contact person: Marina Capomagi

Telephone: +39 071 2275384

Email: marina.capomagi@enfapmarche.it

Website: http://www.enfapmarche.it




Vocational Training Centre E.N.F.A.P., implemented by labour union UIL Regionale MARCHE and accredited by Marche region, operates throughout the region with more than 20 employees. In the early years it mainly worked within the apprenticeship and life long learning with short-term courses, nowadays it covers several areas in the training vocational sector, focusing on EU’s financial instruments, as ESF and inter-professional funds.
One of the most important goals of E.N.F.A.P. is to employ vocational training as a leverage aimed to developing the labour market. According to E.N.F.A.P. Marche, vocational training must support both young people who are starting a professional career, and workers who are already in the production cycle and need tools to maintain a high level of expertise and professionalism.



E.N.F.A.P. Marche is a project partner that will be in charge of identification and involvement of the training companies in the Marche region, and of implementation of the Go&LearNET Catalogue of the in-company seminars.
Besides, E.N.F.A.P. Marche:

  • participates in the steering committee and in the partner meetings planned in Italy, contributing to the validation of the outputs of each project phase
  • prepares country profile for the Compendium of WP2
  • implements relationships with schools, training centres and enterprises to build a Local Catalogue of in-company seminars for teachers and trainers
  • organizes planned piloting activities
  • contributes to implement dissemination activities as envisaged in the project (Dissemination Plan)
  • promotes local workshops in collaboration with Region Marche
  • collects and provides data and information for the monitoring and evaluation of the project
  • participates in the Bologna Final Conference of the project.